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Where is the Taiwan monster village? How to go?

Recently, Taiwan suddenly emerged famous by a unique Japanese village. This village is also known as the “Monster Village”, attracting many tourists to visit. So what is so attractive about this “monster village of Taiwan”? Follow the Travel Writer of to learn about this village.

Where is the Taiwan monster village?

Taiwan monster village

Taiwan monster village also known as Matsubayashi village. This village is located at the end of National Highway 151 – at the mouth of Chitou forest in Nantou district (Nantou), Taiwan. It is about a 40-minute drive from Taichung city center. To move to this village, visitors can take a bus or take a car.

The village has a lovely layout and design. Entering the village, visitors feel like stepping into a beautiful fairy space. Especially looking at the scenery in the village, you will see the Japanese style everywhere. Because of its uniqueness, this village has become a check-in point that many young people love.

Many unique decorative images attract. Photo: ronald_t80

How to go to Taiwan monster village

  • Address: No.2-3 Xingchan Road, Lugu Township, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Fare: NT $ 400 (ticket is included in the Xitou Nature Education Area- Xitou Forest Recreation Area).
  • How to take the bus: From HSR Station to Xitou station it takes about 1h30 ‘. In case of traffic jam, it can take 2-3 hours to get here. You can pay for the return trip using the Easycard when you get on the bus.
  • The bus is not the most convenient way to get around, so book a day trip.

The story of a monster village

Monster Village (Monster Village) was born by a true story. It is a touching story about the friendship of a Japanese (Kubota) and a Taiwanese (Katsuichi Matsubayashi). After World War II ended, a Japanese man returned home and opened a bakery called Matsubuyashi Kobota (compound name of two people). However, a few years later the bakery caught fire and Kubota’s wife died.

After that, Matsubayashi heard the story through the letter. Knowing the news, Matsubuyashi sent an amount of money to Japan to help his friend. In 1974, Matsubayashi received another letter from Kubota, stating that there was a wooden sculpture and wanted to give it to Matsubayashi as a gift. But unfortunately, in the end, they couldn’t see each other for the last time.

Before Matsubayashi passed away, he told his children and grandchildren about his last wish. In 2009, Mr. Matsubuyashi’s descendants built a monster village to commemorate their friendship. The village is named after Mr. Matsubuyashi and in the village there is also a bakery named Kubota.

Particularly, the wooden sculpture is placed in the Ming Shan Resort behind the Monster Village. In 2011, it was rebuilt with a cultural theme based on the main inspiration of Japanese monsters, with restaurants and souvenir shops named after other types of Japanese monsters. together.

Interesting monster image.
Photo: gaipanida

There is nothing good in the village of Love Monsters – the Japanese village in Taiwan

Taiwan monster village is a village with a quiet, fresh atmosphere. Tourists often choose to come here to both relax, entertain, and escape from the noisy and busy city. It is known that each month this village welcomes more than 200,000 visitors (2016). Children also love this place.

The giant lantern. Photo: yi_museum

Because it is inspired by Japanese style, when entering the village, visitors will feel like they are entering a miniature Japanese space. There are many red houses around, with lots of lanterns. There are many beautiful corners in the village to take pictures of virtual live interesting. For example, the red torii gates are a traditional Japanese gate often built at the entrance of a Shinto shrine.

Also here are decorated by interesting cartoon monsters with the characters of 2 sides good – bad.

Adorable monster mask. Photo: sansanleman

Kubota Bakery

(The bakery is open at 10:30 am – 2:30 pm every day). Here visitors can enjoy interesting cakes, especially “cat biting people”. Some other dishes are also quite interesting such as kumar custard and plum juice.

Besides the bakery, the village also has a children’s play area, Manga reading area, and souvenir shopping. Visitors can buy souvenirs (magnets, keychains …) in the shape of lovely monsters. However, there are also many “monsters” with very scary shapes.

Monster Village Hotel (Ming Shan Resort)

If you want to rest, stay near the village then this is a great place to stay. (Phone number to book: 886-49-2612121)

Attractions near the monster village

The village tour will be very convenient to combine sightseeing Sun Moon Lake (Sun Moon Lake). This is the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan, is also a famous national tourist attraction in the list of 13 most beautiful landscapes in Taiwan.

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