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What to buy, where to buy? Going to Taiwan

What should I buy in Taiwan? Where do you buy it? Certain quality dishes can not be missed? These are certainly the questions that many young people traveling to Taiwan with Shopping goals will aim at. So, below is the shopping experience in Taiwan that you should consult.

What to buy in Taiwan?

Taiwan is a shopping paradise for all who love shopping. The items you can buy when going to Taiwan include: cosmetics, face masks, and makeup; pineapple cake; teas (tea bags, instant milk teas, dried teas); clothes; Electronics, etc..

Cosmetics, face masks, and makeup

Nourishing mask

These are the items that when purchased in Taiwan, you will be assured by their very good quality. Diverse brand designs, many options. There are types of face masks such as: My Beauty Diary (MBD), Dr Morito, Naruko, L’Herboflore, Kissui …

As for cosmetics, there are local Taiwanese brands like Dr. Wu, Naruko, Dr. Satin … There are also Japanese domestic brands at very affordable prices. So if you do not have the opportunity to go to Japan or you are not convenient to go to Japan, you can take advantage of hunting these dishes in Taiwan.

Specialty: Pineapple cake

Taiwanese pineapple cake

The pineapple cake is a proud specialty of the leaf-shaped island. Because Taiwan grows a lot of pineapples, pineapple cake has become the staple cake on the island. However, this cake also has a very good taste, solubility, elasticity and a buttery aroma, which is very attractive. This is usually a gift that many tourists choose to buy as a gift for relatives or

Tea bags – dried tea – instant milk tea

Taiwanese filter bag

Is Taiwan famous for milk tea? Not only milk tea, but also oolong tea and many other teas. So going to Taiwan, you can take advantage of buying these as gifts. Tea bags, instant milk tea, dried tea … sold in many convenience stores or tea production establishments, etc., are available.

Cheap clothes

Fuhe secondhand market

Taiwan is also a place to hunt for cheap stuff. Especially at Secondhand markets. If you know where, you will be able to buy great deals. One of them is Fuhe Secondhand Market: Taipei’s best secondhand market.

Aside from delicacy, in Taiwan you can buy good-priced clothing at many malls.

Electronice device

Taiwan electronics

Electronics is one of the very quality items that tourists go to Taiwan to hunt. Here often have items such as: phones, cameras, memory cards, headsets, chargers, accessories for DSLR, GoPro, gaming gear, hard drives, etc … of high quality.
There are many showrooms or technology markets of famous electronic brands such as: Lenovo, HTC, ASUS, Samsung …

Where should I buy?

Watson department store

Watsons store

If you are looking to buy “genuine” quality cosmetics, makeup … you don’t need to go far. Just go to the Watson department store chain to shop. There are everything you need from masks, mineral sprays, makeup sets, and stationery … This is a chain of reputable stores that open up all over major cities in Taiwan ..

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 Shopping Center.
Photo: iamloue

Taipei 101 is not only a skyscraper and is home to corporate offices, it is also a very bustling shopping mall. There are always high-end and luxury clothing brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior … Visitors can come here to hunt for their favorite brands.

Address: No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan 110. Nearest MRT Station: Taipei 101 MRT Station

Shilin Night Market

Shilin night market clothing store

Often considered the largest and most famous night market in Taiwan – Shilin night market attracts a lot of tourists. It is famous for many great street food in giant food stalls. Besides food and beverage, the market is also famous for electronics, shoes, clothes, and bags.

Ximending shopping area

Shopping in Ximending. Photo: iamnicoaddun

This shopping area is located near MRT Ximen station so it is very convenient for travel. In addition, this busy area concentrates many restaurants, shops, serving all shopping needs of visitors. Especially the fashion sense, the goods here are extremely popular with young people. Therefore, this is also considered as the gathering place for young people in Taipei.

Wholesale shopping mall Wu Fen Pu!

Lost at the wholesale market of Wu Fen Pu

East Metro Mall is located near the MRT station, so it is convenient for visitors to visit and shop. This underground shopping mall displays a lot of cheap clothes, cute souvenirs and much more. Many visitors even say it is a shopping mall, but the price is even cheaper than the night market!

Address: No. 77, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Rd., Da-an Dist, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

In addition to the above addresses, you can go to a few other places such as: Ngu Phan Pho shopping street, Thien Mau shopping mall … These are easy places to find items to buy.


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