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What is good in Taiwan Guangshan Temple? Going to Taiwan

If asked about the famous landmarks of Taiwan, many people will certainly mention the Buddha Quang Son Tu in Kaohsiung. This monumental complex is also the Buddhist capital of Taiwan. Although it is a Buddhist site and is full of religious colors, Quang Son Buddha is not ancient but mixed in many modern features of the era.

Where is the Taiwan Foshan Temple (Fo Guang Shan) located?

Foshan Temple is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan – also the seat of the Buddhist Lineage of Guang Shan. Fo Guang Shan currently has more than 300 branches on a leaf-shaped island. This organization is also one of the largest charity organizations in Taiwan.

Address: No. 1 Tongling Road, Dashu, Kaohsiung 840, Taiwan.

  • From 09:00 to 19:00 (Bon Quan (Buddha Da Ky Niem Quan – main hall): from 09:00 – 18:00)
  • Saturday, Sunday, holidays: from 09:00 – 20:00 (Bon Quan (Buddha Da Ky Niem Quan – main hall): from 09:00 to 19: 00)

What’s so good about the Taiwanese Buddhist Temple?

At present, Fo Guang Shan is considered one of the “Four Great Mountains” (the four major Buddhist institutions of Taiwanese Buddhism). This work has been 4 consecutive years (since 2014) voted by TripAdvisor in the top 10 most beautiful landscapes in Taiwan.

The architecture is majestic and majestic

Buddha Quang Son Tu – monumental architecture

Unlike many other Buddhist works, Fo Guang Shan was built in the modern era. The builder is the monk Hsing Yun (Tinhvan).

In 1967, Dai Su Tinh Van bought more than 30 hectares in Dashu town, Kaohsiung district to build the monastery. Also this year, the work was started and took up to 9 years of construction. In the process, Fo Guang Shan undertook many construction projects, including university buildings, temples, and cemeteries. In general, the complex has majestic architecture, closely arranged.

In 1975, the giant Amitabha Buddha statue of fo Guang Shan was consecrated. In 1981, built the Hero Hall. During this time, many other Buddhist temples outside of the order’s main monastery were also built.

Buddha tooth relics are rare

One of the factors that made Quang Son Buddha become famous and become the capital of Buddhism because it worshiped the rare Buddha tooth relic. According to the records left, the Buddha’s tooth relic kept only 3 pieces and one of them was at Phat Quang Son (worshiped at the Jade Buddha Temple).

More information: At the Jade Buddha Temple there is an unlocked meditation session (a 30-minute session that includes meditation and talks with monks in Chinese).

Giant Buddha statue

Giant Buddha statue

Besides the relic of the Buddha teeth, the complex also features a large Buddha statue nearly 40m high (108m high above the ground). The statue is made of steel and copper. Currently, it is the tallest sitting bronze Buddha statue in the world.

48 underground palaces preserve human civilization

In the complex is the Foshan Museum of Quang Son, which currently holds 48 underground palaces. These palaces are used to record human history and preserve human civilization. Each palace will retain the main quintessence of 100 years. For 4800 years later, people will know the activities of people in each chronology.

Currently the palaces are closed to the public, every hundred years it will open a palace.

When should we go to Quang Son Buddha?

Campus of Quang Son Buddha

To visit the Buddha Guangshan itself, it is best not to go in the summer because it is very hot. However, if you still go at this time, it is advisable to go around after 3pm to avoid the hottest time. In addition, this is also the time if you stay for a few hours, you will see a beautiful sunset from behind the statue.

Go to Quangshan Foshan, you will find a lot of beverage vending machines. There is also a restaurant, cafe and gift shop. There’s even a Starbucks in the main building. In short, it is a temple place, but this place is no less modern.

How to go to Taiwan Buddha Guangshan Temple

One of the ways to get to the Foshan Temple is to take a bus. Currently, there are 2 main bus routes to the Foshan: EdaBus 8501 and E02 Harvard Express. These two lines all depart from THSR Zuoying Station and the end point is Phat Quang Son – Fo Guang Shan.

EdaBus 8501 (THSR Zuoying Station ⇆ Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center). The bus boarding point is column 3 (Bus Platform 3). Travel time is about 45 – 60 minutes. Ticket price: NT $ 65.

However, note that the direction of this route will have some trips only to E-DA World theme park but not to Quang Son Foshan. In the afternoon, some trips only return to E-DA World without going to THSR Zuoying Station. So when you catch a car, if you see a car with the word E-DA World, it is best not to get in the car.

E02 Harvard Express: The bus boarding point is column 2 (Bus Platform 2). Travel time is about 45 minutes. Ticket price: NT $ 70.

Note: should prepare an EasyCard or change money to ride the bus. You will swipe the card or use change in the bin, the driver will not be obliged to change the money for you.

In addition to the bus, you can take a taxi or Uber for NT $ 800 to get to Foshan. Another option is that you can also take bus 8010/11 from Kaohsiung main station to get here. However, this car has the disadvantage that it stops in many places, so it is quite inconvenient.

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