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Vietnamese female worker was positive for COVID-19 after returning from Taiwan

Seven people exposed to infected Vietnamese migrant workers were tested for COVID-19 in Taiwan

Vietnam on Saturday (January 2) reported that a female Vietnamese migrant worker tested positive for coronavirus after returning from Taiwan.

On Saturday evening, Vietnamese health officials announced eight new entry cases of coronavirus that day. Among them was a woman who arrived at Can Tho International Airport on Bamboo Airways flight QH9511 from Taiwan on December 30.

In response to the report, Central Epidemiological Command Center (CECC) spokesperson Chuang Jen-hsiang () on Monday (January 4) said that this case was a Vietnamese woman about 30 years old, worked in a factory in Taiwan and has been living in the country continuously since 2016.

Chuang said that the contact history and activities of the case are under investigation in Taiwan. Seven people in Taiwan have been identified as the woman’s contact.

The spokesperson said the woman chatted with another Vietnamese during the flight to Taiwan. He added that the woman had shared the quarantine area with seven other people.

However, seven other people in her isolation space tested negative for the virus. According to Chuang, the Vietnamese health agency will conduct additional tests for this case in the coming time to confirm the initial test results for isolated individuals.

In addition, CECC is implementing a project to expand checking arrivals from the UK. It identified 216 people for testing.

Out of 202 people who have expired quarantine, 149 people have been examined, with 146 people receiving negative results, 3 people waiting for the results and 53 people waiting for the test. He said that two people tested positive for the mutant British coronavirus, while several other samples from infected patients are still being analyzed.

They will all undergo both serum nucleic acid and antibody tests. So far, one person has received a test battery and received a negative result.


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