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The US Marines formally train in Taiwan

The US Marines formally train in Taiwan, to train troops in attack and infiltration missions.

Taiwan’s Naval High Command on Monday (November 9) confirmed media reports that a US Marines team had arrived at the invitation of the Taiwanese military and would begin training for the Taiwanese army. Loan in the four weeks since that day, marking her first public debut. recorded by US soldiers trained in Taiwan for more than 40 years.

Starting Monday, Marine Raiders, Marine Special Operations Troops, will begin training the Taiwan Marines in attack boats and speedboat infiltration operations at the Base. The Tsoying Navy in Kaohsiung. This was the first interaction between the Taiwanese military and the military of an ally since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) halted such exchanges about seven or eight months ago.

The Naval Command declared that the case was ‘regular military training and exchange between Taiwan and the United States’. They hope that through this exchange with the US Marines, they can improve their military’s combat capabilities.

The Marines first followed the Department of Health and Welfare epidemic prevention procedures of two weeks of quarantine at an epidemic prevention hotel before training could begin.

The Naval Command at 10 am on Monday issued a statement saying: “To maintain peace and stability in the region, military and security cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and America is going on normally. ” However, it will not comment on the details of the exchange.

It is noteworthy that this time the Naval Command confirmed that the active US Marines had arrived in Taiwan. This marks the first public confirmation of US military exchanges in Taiwan since diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States ended in 1979.


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