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The new Taiwan passport will launch in January with a new design

The new passport has the purpose of emphasizing ‘Taiwan’ on the cover to avoid confusion with the Chinese passport

The new version of the Taiwan passport – with a design that emphasizes the word “Taiwan” on the cover – will be released on January 11, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

The ministry said those applying for their passports to the Consular Department headquarters in Taipei or one of the MOFA’s three regional offices by noon on Jan. 11 are eligible to receive one of the first 100 passports. First is numbered, the ministry said through a press release Monday (Nov. 30). The winner will be selected via computer drawings that afternoon.

Additionally, anyone who applies in person on January 11 will receive a small gift from the Department. Any passport holder can apply for a new version even if their current passport has not yet expired.

Taiwanese can still use their current passport until it expires. The ministry has informed relevant international parties of the new passport cover, including foreign governments, customs services at ports and airports, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and others. airline company.

The Cabinet announced a new passport cover design in September, with the country’s official name “Republic of China”, scaled down to fit in a concentric circle that surrounds the emblem. “Taiwan” is enlarged and placed in the middle under the emblem.

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Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳 釗 燮) at the time said that the new design would keep the Taiwanese passport from being confused with the Chinese one. When countries imposed travel restrictions on China in early February due to an outbreak of the coronavirus, some groups of tourists and individual travelers from Taiwan were denied entry despite the restrictions. targeting Taiwan, Wu said.


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