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The forecast for the temperature in Taiwan drops to 17 degrees

With the seasonal northeast wind system approaching, the air in northern and northeastern Taiwan is forecast to drop to 17 degrees Celsius by the end of this week, the Central Weather Service (CWB) said on Monday.

The seasonal wind system will be felt from Friday night, with temperatures expected to fluctuate between 17-19 degrees in north and northeastern Taiwan and 19-21 degrees in central and south in the early morning. Saturday.

The low temperatures will continue until Sunday, the bureau added.

Wet and cool weather was forecast in northern Taiwan and Yilan on Monday, CWB said and heavy rain warnings were issued for New Taipei and Keelung in the north and Yilan in the northeast, for Seeing these areas could see cumulative precipitation 80 mm or more over a 24-hour period or 40 millimeters within an hour.

The CWB says rainfall will be stronger in Keelung and along the northeast coast.

Daytime temperatures in northern and northeastern Taiwan are forecast to drop 7-8 degrees from a day earlier to 23-24 degrees on Monday, while mercury is expected to remain 28-29 degrees in the central and southern regions, CWB adds.

The CWB said strong winds were likely on Monday in areas north of Tainan, east of Taiwan, including Green Island and Orchid Island, the Hengchun peninsula in the south as well as Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu islands.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rated good air quality on Monday in northern and central Taiwan; Yilan and Hualien to the east; and Van Lam, Gia Nghia and Tainan in the south.

However, the Air Quality Index is flashing an “orange warning” in Kaohsiung and Pingtung in the south, suggesting pollution levels are not good for sensitive groups, according to the EPA.


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