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The first day the Taichung subway attracted 70,000 people

Passengers can take the Taichung Metro subway line for free all month

The Taichung Green Line subway train attracts 70,000 in the first day of free travel

The newly opened Taichung Express Train Line (TMRT) welcomed more than 70,000 passengers on Monday (November 16), the first day of operation for free.

The Green Line can be run for free until official operation begins on December 19th. Visitors flocked from as far away as Taipei and Changhua for testing on Monday.

According to statistics of TMRT Corporation, from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, the total number of passengers reached 70,977 passengers. Officials estimate that ridership will peak at the weekend.

After taking the train from Songzhu Station to Taichung City Hall, Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕) said she would consider allowing a free ride during the New Year festivals so that more people could experience it. it. She said she was very touched by the excitement of many young people who came to test the train and take pictures.

According to TMRT Corporation, conditions on the metro were “generally good” that day. However, some passengers complained that the doors were not open long enough at each stop, prompting the airline to adjust.

Starting Tuesday, the company has extended the number of seconds the door remains open to accommodate a large number of riders. The doors are equipped with an “anti-squeeze” sensor and will automatically open if activated.

Although there are maintenance and security personnel at each station to help passengers get on and off the train, officials recommend that they get off quickly to avoid an accident.

The Green Line is approximately 16.71 km long and runs from Beitun Main Station to Taizhong Station of High Speed ​​Rail (HSR). A total of 18 stations.

Among them, Songzhu, Daqing, Wuri and HSR Taichung stations connect with Taiwan Railway Bureau (TRA) trains. Taichung HSR Station offers Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail (THSR) services.


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