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The equipment Taiwan bought from the United States to build submarines counter China

Taiwan currently owns two submarines purchased from the Netherlands.

The deputy head of the Taiwan defense agency Chang Che-ping announced this information to the media, according to Taiwan News.

To build domestic submarines, Taiwan needs many important components, labeled “red”, meaning that if it cannot be produced domestically, it must be imported.

These components include digital sonar systems, integrated combat networks, diesel engines, rockets and submarines. The United States is currently the only partner providing components for Taiwan submarines.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has given the green light to sell the digital sonar system to Taiwan, Chang said. The agreement still needs to be approved by the US Congress.

Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), which is developing a submarine-building project together with the Taiwanese defense force and the CSBC conglomerate, said the sonar system could be shipped to Taiwan next month. first.

Taiwan’s domestic submarines also need equipment labeled “gold”, meaning that some components can be produced domestically, but still have to buy other components from abroad. Devices labeled “green” mean that they can be easily made in Taiwan.

CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipyard has begun building the first submarine in the project to build eight submarines, which is expected to go to sea for testing in 2025.

During the project’s ground-breaking ceremony in November, Taiwanese leader Thai Anh Van announced the submarine building project, with the backing of the US, was aimed at preventing Chinese ships from reaching the island.

“Submarines are important equipment to develop Taiwan’s asymmetric warfare capabilities, preventing hostile ships from surrounding Taiwan,” said Thai, according to Reuters.

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