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Taoyuan Airport: luxurious, comfortable, forget the way back

Currently serving Taipei (Taichung Lo @ n) has 2 yard b @ y: yard b @ y Taoyuan and yard b @ y Tungshan Taipei. However, Taipei Tungshan b @ y yard mainly serves domestic @, b @ y ch @ rter and a limited number of international medical trips. Therefore, most international b @ medical trips will land at the Taoyuan International Medical Center.

About the b @ y Taoyuan yard@n>

The largest b @ y yard Dai Lo @ n@ption>

The courtyard b @ Taoyuan International Health @nh’s name is T @ oyu @ n Intern @ tion @ l Airport, denoted by TPE. Previously this b @ y yard was called yard b @ y Zhongzheng. This is one of the 3 b @ international medical tubers @ Dai Lo @ n, also the largest and busiest b @ y yard of the 3 b @ y yard.

In 2017, b @ y stadium ranked 10th in the top 10 busiest b @ y courses in the world by number of visitors. It is also the 6th busiest yard in the world in terms of international traffic volume.

Different from Taipei’s b @ y Tungshan, Taoyuan b @ y is located in @ @ Taoyuan City, not in Taipei. It is about 40km from Taipei in terms of @ West.

Currently, T @ n International Airport is the headquarters of @ Chin @ Airlines and EVA Air.

Currently n @ y, from Viet N @ m has had direct b @ y trips from Hanoi. TP. HCM … to the yard b @ y Dao Yuan Dai Lo @ n. The airlines serving this sector are Vietjet Air, Vietn @ m Airlines, Ev @ Air, Air Asi @, Chin @ Airlines, H @ hn Air, Scoot, M @ i @ ysi @ Airlines, Philippines Airlines …

What’s h @ y in pitch b @ y Taoyuan?@n>

As an international standard b @ y yard, it is the back-end of the @ nsit roots @ many b @ y itineraries to all over the world, this b @ y yard has many amenities. Not spacious, clean … meeting all the needs of visitors.

Not spacious, clean in the yard b @ y Taoyuan@ption>

Free Wifi speed c @ o in the yard b @ y Taoyuan@n>

One of the things visitors will love when landing at this b @ y yard is here free wifi with c @ o speed. So you can freely connect to the internet temporarily to get in touch with family, friends, or with the service you have reserved.

Have free wifi c @ o speed, you can also find out travel information, save @ your destination before leaving the b @ y yard.

Free Hostel @n>

The @ tourists rest area is completely free@ption>

For those who need to transit waiting for the connection, the best thing is that Dao Vien b @ y yard has free Hostel. This area is very cool, comfortable and free. This is a convenient @ option that saves money for guests who have a trip to @, not in time to return or look for a hotel.

Especially the upper floor @ G @ has Resting Lounge with full amenities such as: power plug / charger, sof @, children’s play spot, bathroom, toilet, reading table with computer Internet connection …

More convenient than women @ is to have separate prayer areas for Buddhism, Thien Chu @ and Islam.

  • Lounge location: Hold @ G @ te A and G @ te B @ Termin @ l 1.
  • Bathroom location: 1st floor Arriv @ lh @ ll at Termin @ l 1, 2. 2nd floor @ Dep @ rture h @ ll at Termin @ l 4.
  • VIP Lounge, Lounge Premium is VIP rooms, there must be paid.

Food court and mu @ shopping@n>

Eating area in the courtyard b @ y Taoyuan@ption>

During the time of waiting for your trip (or waiting for the car), visitors can go to the shopping and dining area here.

About dining, there is foodcourt in the basement. This area serves a variety of food dishes, hot pot 1 person, rice noodles, st @ rbuck coffee, @ tea … All clean, reasonably priced.

For those who want to experience more @ s @i, there is a restaurant area @ s @ u exit counter. This area has 5 s @ o standard restaurant, the price is also 5 s @ o class.

About mu @ shopping, as well as other b @ y courts, there is a Duty Free duty-free area with many items such as cosmetics, clothing, souvenirs, shoes, cigarettes, @ cake, cake mochi, tea, milk tea @, @ ho @ water, etc …

Other facilities@n>

In addition to the above facilities, visitors also enjoy many other amenities such as:

  • The courtyard has a library and public computers for Internet access
  • There are sterile drinking water fountains to serve visitors
  • Luggage counters and automatic lockers are available – the maximum rental period is 30 days.
  • The bus stop is available on the B1 floor

Vehicles go from the b @ y Taoyuan courtyard to central Taipei@n>

From yard b @ y Taoyuan to central Taipei quite convenient. There is a bus stop on the B1 floor for you. In addition to r @ visitors can also take the MRT.

T @ xi: If you do not move by the way above, you can go t @ xi ng @ y side hall to the @ courtyard b @ y. T @ xi operates 24/24 so you will not worry about not having a car. However, the price t @ xi will be a bit c @ o compared to taking the bus or MRT so this will be a @i option more suitable for @i in groups.

Besides t @ xi, you can also reserve a shuttle bus that goes directly to T @ ipei city center (Taipei). With a car reservation in front of the online channel, when you arrive, a driver will pick you up at the courtyard, very convenient.

In case of traveling to Dai Lo @ n on a package tour (landing in Taipei b @ y yard), visitors will have a car @ pick up @ group so you will not need to worry about the means.

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