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Taiwan’s weather in the next few days will be much colder

After three days of mildly sunny weather, another cold wave is moving into Taiwan from the north on Saturday (Jan. 15), according to the Central Weather Bureau.

The lowest temperature at night is 10 degrees Celsius which can happen on Sunday (January 17) and Monday (January 18). While the north is more likely to suffer cold and humid weather, low temperatures will also be felt south due to radiant cooling. The cold front is expected to make way for more temperate weather on Tuesday.

While Taipei recorded a peak of 23 degrees on Saturday, by Sunday, that temperature is forecast to halve to about 12 degrees. The east coast will hit record highs between 16 and 18 degrees, with the highest temperatures in the south reaching 17 to 19 degrees.

An orange warning indicating “very cold” weather is in force in New Taipei City, Keelung and Taoyuan. Expected to have a prolonged temperature at or below 10 degrees.

A yellow warning, meaning that the weather will sometimes drop below 10 degrees, has been announced for Taipei City, Hsinchu District, Chiayi District, Tainan City and Jinmen District. Coastal areas could face strong winds over the weekend, forecasters warn.


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