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Taiwan uses new entry stamps

The Ministry of the Interior said in a statement Saturday, the Taipei Ministry of the Interior, December 26. The new stamps will be used at the passport checkpoints of people exiting and entering Taiwan from January 1.

The replacement of existing stamps, which have been in use for eight years, is aimed at avoiding counterfeiting and highlighting Taiwan’s image with a new design, according to the ministry.

Key changes in the new design include the removal of plum blossoms and the addition of an image of Taiwan Island, in which the letters TWN are printed to form the Central Range, the ministry said.

While the Chinese characters retain the style written by modern calligraphy Tung Yang-tzu (董 陽 孜), the ministry says the image of Taiwan and the character “境” (meaning “border gender “in Chinese) will partially cover the frame of the stamp in the new design.

According to the ministry, the new design that breaks the frame symbolizes Taiwan’s efforts to create diplomatic breakthroughs, while on the entry stamp, an extra dot is added to the “境” character to represent present government hopes for “a few” visitors as the COVID-19 pandemic is underway.

Taiwan has imposed strict border controls since March, when only Taiwanese citizens, resident foreign citizens, diplomats and immigration permit holders were allowed. entry.

As of Saturday, the total number of COVID-19 infections recorded in Taiwan was 783, of which a total of 647 were recovered, 129 hospitalizations, while seven deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control. sick.


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