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Taiwan self-sufficient travel tips 6N5D

Taiwan is not only a milk tea paradise, but also a land of cute things. The scenery is beautiful, pleasant, people are friendly and lovable. In short, Taiwan is the destination for a full youth!

Taiwan self-sufficient travel tips 6N5D

You can Taiwan tourism self-sufficient At any time of the year, but it is currently autumn with red leaves (lasts until the end of December) or beyond in spring – March & April will have cherry blossoms. These are the times when Taiwan “flourishes” the most.

Visa: Those who have valid or expired visas from the Uc, Europe, America, Korea, and Japan are exempt from Taiwan visa for 10 years. Before going, just apply the electronic visa online and print it out. Plus the airline tickets and booking vouchers are fine through customs.
Hotel: Find central location hotels, near the main subway stations (MRT) is the most convenient.


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