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Taiwan seizes 700 kg of drugs worth about NT $ 1 billion

Nearly 700 kilograms of ketamine powder were seized in a raid carried out by law enforcement officers at Taiwan’s main airport last week, the Criminal Investigation Department (CIB) said on Friday.

According to CIB, 700kg of ketamine powder, with an estimated market value of NT $ 1 billion ($ 35 million), is the largest shipment of drugs ever smuggled into Taiwan by air.

During a press conference in Taipei, CIB Deputy Commissioner Teng Hsueh-hsin (鄧學鑫) said authorities had blocked a shipment of drugs from Hong Kong from Hong Kong, at Taoyuan International Airport on the 19th. November.

Law enforcement officers also arrested a pickup driver and three Customs officers believed to be involved in the illegal drug trafficking case, Teng said.

During the interrogation, three Customs officers denied any involvement in the case and were later released on bail, Teng said.

The driver Wang (王) said he was hired as a delivery man and did not know what was in the cargo, according to CIB.

The investigation office said Wang is currently in irrational detention, adding that the case has been assigned to prosecutors to further investigate the alleged violations of the Drug Danger Prevention Act, CIB for know.


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