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Taiwan prohibits Indonesian workers from entering from December 4

Taiwan bans Indonesian workers from entering. Because in the past two weeks, when cases of coronavirus infections in this Southeast Asian country skyrocketed.

Taiwan’s Central Epidemiological Command Center (CECC) on Monday (November 30) announced that it would impose a ban on all workers entering from Indonesia on December 4 when cases are infected. Wuhan’s coronavirus skyrocketed in this Southeast Asian country.

During a press conference Monday afternoon, Minister of Health and Welfare and CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳 時 中) announced that in the context of coronavirus infections in Indonesia spike and to decrease The influx of infected migrant workers that Taiwan has seen in recent weeks, a ban will be imposed on all migrant workers coming from Indonesia starting December 4th. The restraining order will be in place until December 18, when a decision will be made on whether to loosen or tighten travel. country restriction.

According to the Ministry of Labor (MOL), starting March 17 this year, all migrant workers to Taiwan have to undergo quarantine lasting 14 days. Since that time, 7,279 Indonesian migrant workers have entered the country, including 5,437 employees for social welfare and 1,842 workers for industrial positions.

Due to the confirmed number of coronavirus infections in recent weeks that have consistently occurred among Indonesian migrant workers in recent weeks, Chuang announced on November 20 that all migrant workers Indonesia that entered from that date onwards must spend their quarantine time at official quarantine centers to ensure epidemic prevention. In addition, the operations of eight Indonesian employment agencies have been suspended in Taiwan to strengthen border controls.

According to MOL statistics, the average weekly number of Indonesian migrant workers entering Taiwan in November was 677. The two-week suspension is expected to reduce 1,350 Indonesian migrant workers to the country.

If a follow-up assessment determines that Indonesian migrant workers can be allowed to enter the country, that number will be halved and that will result in a maximum of 339 Indonesian workers coming to Taiwan per week. .

As Indonesian migrant workers will soon be unable to enter, employers in need of workers can contact local public employment service agencies to recruit Indonesians who are already in Taiwan or migrant workers. from other countries.

People with disabilities who need care can call the long-term care hotline “1966” or consult their local long-term care management center. For relevant registration procedures, please contact MOL at 02-8995-6000.


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