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Taiwan launches the 2021 New Year’s Eve sightseeing train

The Taiwan Railway Bureau (TRA) will launch a New Year’s Eve three-day train package tour with the refurbished Chu-kuang fast train, which heralds a new era in Taiwan railway travel.

Lion Travel, which TRA has outsourced to operate the service, earlier this week said two “Future Express” trains will launch on December 31, one late night departure from Taipei and the other from Taichung in central Taiwan, to celebrate New Day. New Year’s Eve on the train.

Both trains will depart from TRA’s Nangang Station in Taipei and Taichung Station at 11:50 p.m., and arrive at Taimali in Taiwan’s southeastern Taitung district at 5 a.m. on New Year’s Day, the travel agency said. .

A total of 220 passengers will be able to see the first rays of the sun of 2021 around 6:36 a.m., the agency said.

Tickets will cost NT $ 30,000 ($ 1,042) and will include overnight luxury accommodation and a variety of side trips, Taiwan Railway Bureau said.

Lion Travel President Yu Kuo-chen (游 國 珍) said: “This will not only be a train ride tour, but will involve the stations they stop and travel resources to. locality related to them ”.

According to Lion Travel, the upgraded cruise-style train service is expected to generate NT $ 500 million per year, according to Lion Travel, which will have operating rights until 2026.

The train’s interiors, featuring wooden floors and blue and white seats, seek to “complement the exterior through a warm, natural and comfortable design,” according to TRA.

Its black and orange exterior, meanwhile, is reminiscent of the old days of Taiwan trains, when many train designs used black as the highlight.

TRA says there will still be more train travel from 2022 to increase domestic tourism benefits under the impact of COVID-19, which severely limits foreign travel.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has announced that it will also include rail travel in the travel campaign for 2022.


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