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Taiwan is considering removing the 12-year limit for migrant workers

Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua (王 美 花) said on Wednesday that a discussion between ministries is ongoing. To determine whether the country should remove the 12-year limit placed on the time industrial migrant workers are allowed to stay in Taiwan.

At a time when the introduction of migrant workers into the Taiwan labor market was struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wang said that there may be a change to the 12-year limit as a result of concerted efforts to change the country’s policies.

Wang said the pandemic has made it difficult for Taiwan’s industries and households to recruit help from abroad; Therefore, the urgent measure would be to keep those already here.

She explained that, currently, industrial migrant workers can work in Taiwan for up to 12 years and the idea is to lift this limit. Since this is an important issue, an inter-ministerial discussion is ongoing, but there is still no conclusion, the Minister said.

Under the Employment Services Act, foreigners who are domestic caregivers cannot work for more than 14 years in the course of their employment, while those who work in other occupations for no more than 14 years. .


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