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Taiwan has something to fear China

Soldiers passed by the Tuo Chiang class escort ship on December 15 (Image: Getty)

The Ta Chiang warship, which is expected to enter service in July, is equipped with subsonic and supersonic guided missiles, giving it the ability to target Chinese ships. The warship is believed to have been publicly introduced at the Lungteh Shipyard in Yilan district on Wednesday under the supervision of Taiwan’s head Tai Van Anh.

The Tuo Chiang class is the smallest corvette, and also has anti-aircraft missiles, a Phalanx close-range weapon system, two machine guns and two torpedo tubes, according to Taiwan News.

But Chinese state media, the Global Times, declared the warship Tui Chiang had no chance of defeating the Chinese army.

The newspaper also referred to the comments of military expert Song Zhongping in a report on Wednesday, who said the escort ship “would not be able to survive”.

“The Taiwanese military may try to use ships to launch missiles against Chinese army ships (PLA) from outside the PLA’s air defense zone, but the PLA may not use warships against ships. Taiwanese escorts from the beginning use aircraft to destroy them, so Song said, the Tuo Chiang class corvette will not be able to become the ‘aircraft carrier killer’.

“The PLA’s carriers are capable of effective long-range attack, and the Tuo Chiang class corvettes will not be able to survive.”

The expert also added that Ta Chiang “carries too many weapons”.

Ms. Thai Van Anh said Taipei aims to build a total of six of these ships by 2023.

To further support the development of the Taiwanese military, largely to prevent a potential threat from China, US President Trump’s administration provided 11 weapon packs to Taiwan, up to 5 billion dollars in 2020 alone. This has caused China to repeatedly threaten retaliation.

Last week, the Chinese military urged the US to “immediately cancel projects that sell arms to Taiwan.”

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