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Taiwan cherry blossom season: when? Where should I go?

If you want to go cherry blossom viewing but wait until March is too long, is going to Japan or Korea too expensive? So why not try a trip to Taiwan to see cherry blossoms? This is definitely an ideal choice to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the cherry blossom forest. However, where should Taiwan cherry blossom season go?

Information about the Taiwanese cherry blossom season

Cherry blossoms are not only in Japan and Korea. Taiwan is also a great destination to enjoy the beauty of this flower. Interestingly, a trip to Taiwan will be much cheaper and less crowded when going to Japan, Korea. (In 2018, there were about 63 million people going to Japan just to see the flowers).

Besides, waiting for Japanese cherry blossom season is a bit long (March – May). While the Taiwanese cherry blossoms start to bloom from early January to April, depending on the variety of cherry. So the time to bloom is early

Cherry blossoms viewing in Taiwan can also depend a lot on the weather conditions. If it rains, flowers can be more sparse and the trend in recent years is that flowers will bloom about two weeks later than usual.

Where should Taiwan cherry blossom season go?

In Taiwan there are many great cherry blossom viewing spots. Among them are: Yangmingshan National Park, Wulai Village, Wuji Tianyuan Temple, Alishan National Scenic Area, Tai-An Police Station, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village …

Yangmingshan National Park

The cherry blossom garden in Yangmingshan is in full bloom

One of the earliest places where Taiwanese cherry blossoms bloom is Yangmingshan National Park. Ideally, it is very close to Taipei (can be returned during the day), very convenient for sightseeing.

Yangmingshan is one of the best national parks in Taiwan. This is a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts and want to find a place to breathe fresh air. You will see cherry blossom trees planted along the trails. For those who go trekking, this will be an ideal thing.

Every year, the national park will have the Yangmingshan Flower Festival (January – May).

Wulai Village

Flowers bloom by the waterfall

This Aboriginal village is located in rural New Taipei City. This is a great destination because from central Taipei you can go back during the day. Normally, on weekends, the village is also full of tourists.

Wualai Village has quirky little restaurants, an Aboriginal cultural village, souvenir shops, cable cars leading to the waterfall, and even a public hot spring. During cherry blossom season, its surroundings are stunning.

Normally, the Wulai cherry blossom festival will take place around February – March every year. Address: Wulai Visitor Center, 45-1 Wulai Street, Wulai District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Wuji Tianyuan Temple

Brimming with flowers at the Wuju Tianyuan Temple

Wuji Tianyuan Temple is also one of the easiest places to see the Taiwanese cherry blossoms from Taipei. The temple is just a 30-minute bus ride from Tamsui MRT Station. The blooming time is between February and mid-March.

In the blooming season, with its impressive available scenery, this place becomes more beautiful than imagined. Located in the quiet countryside in Danshui – New Taipei. This majestic shrine features Yoshino cherry trees with branches that rise to the second floor of the building.

After admiring the outside scenery, visitors can go inside to admire the massive interior of the temple.

Alishan National Scenic Area

Beautiful view in Alishan

Alishan is an already famous national landmark. In all times of the year, this place attracts a lot of tourists. Many people come to Alishan just to admire the sunrise over the sea of ​​clouds. In addition, everyone wants to experience riding on a unique red wooden train through the forest.

However, every year from January to April, tourists will come here for another reason: the forest is filled with cherry blossoms. The Yoshino cherry blossoms planted along the tracks of Mount Alishan bloom in full bloom every February. All create a breathtaking, picturesque scene, especially in the moment the red ship passes by.

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Tourists take pictures with cherry blossoms in Formosan village

Referring to the Taiwanese cherry blossom season, Central Taiwan must be mentioned. It is home to the most beautiful cherry blossoms on the island, especially in the Sun Moon Lake area and nearby the Aboriginal culture village of Formosan.

The stunning beauty of Formosan village makes it a top spot for cherry blossom viewing. The scenery here becomes extremely beautiful from day to night. If the day is a sea of ​​pink flowers with romantic impression, at night, the flowers by the lake are lit up.

The village is divided into different park areas. In the village there are spots to enjoy flower delicacies such as sakura tea and desserts.

The annual cherry blossom festival will take place from February to April. Besides the blossoming cherry trees, there will be Japanese-themed activities and performances for visitors to enjoy.

Tai-an Police Station

Another place for cherry blossom viewing is in Taichung: the Tai-an Police Station. It has Yaezakura cherry trees – with more than five petals on each flower. They are planted along the streets of the old town, extremely lively.

Interestingly, during the cherry blossom season, the Taichung city government will arrange a bus to take tourists from Tai-an Train Station to the Tai-an Police Station.

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