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Taiwan bans eating on board starting February 1

Eating and drinking will not be allowed on trains, long-distance buses, ferries, and airplanes starting February

In response to a new outbreak of coronavirus infections in Wuhan in northern Taiwan. The government on Friday (January 29) announced a meal ban on the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail (THSR) and the Taiwan Railway Bureau (TRA)) trains, which were expected to take effect on January 1. February.

In the context of a sudden increase in the number of COVID-19 infections stemming from a disease cluster at Taoyuan General Hospital. The Ministry of Transport (MOTC) received notification from the Central Epidemiological Command Center (CECC) on Friday that a ban on eating and drinking on trains would take effect. Effective Feb. 1. In addition to trains, the MOTC said the ban would apply to long-distance buses, domestic flights, ferries and post offices.

Exceptions include cruise ships, fixed ferry dining areas, international and cross-strait flights. Exceptions to the rule include drinking water, taking medications and breastfeeding.

The department stated that individuals with special dietary needs would be allowed to temporarily remove masks in response to their special meal requirements. However, they must maintain an adequate social distance from strangers or eat in a fenced-off area that separates them from other individuals.

In addition to banning the consumption of food or beverages, MOTC declares that during the Spring Festival, from February 8 to February 16, THSR will cancel the open seat and change to the designated seat. Meanwhile, TRA will limit the number of room-only tickets on intercity trains to 120 tickets / trip, equivalent to 15 tickets / car.

During the Spring Festival period, cleaning and disinfection efforts will be doubled at airports, TRA trains, THSR trains, and long-distance buses. Rest areas on national highways, ferries and sightseeing areas. During this time, parts of the station hall will temporarily close and suspend operations to avoid crowds, the ministry said.


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