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Taichung MRT stopped running due to major problems

Initial examination revealed a broken joint of the two carriages

The Taichung municipal government said the operation of the first line of the Taichung Public Express Transit (MRT) system, which started the test run on November 16, will be suspended indefinitely starting from the Master. due to a major problem with one of her trains.

One of the MRT’s trains reported an anomaly around noon Saturday at the station of Taichung High Speed ​​Rail Station, resulting in an hour and a half suspension of service. An initial inspection showed that the connection between the two carriages was broken, Taichung Mass Rapid Transport Corporation said in a statement.

They are researching the matter after ending service at 8pm on Saturday and said they will publish their findings on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the MRT service will be halted until the problem is fixed, the company added that if all goes well, the regular test service can resume on Monday.

The route, known as the Blue Line, stretches 16.71 km from Beitun Main Station in the northeast to Taichung High Speed ​​Rail Station in the southwest and serves 18 stations.


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