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Signs the Chinese military is preparing for combat in the streets of Taiwan

Chinese Type 96A main battle tank.

In the documentary released on China Central Television (CCTV), the Type 96A main battle tank and Type 04 infantry combat vehicle participate in urban combat training.

According to SCMP, these are two armored vehicles that are well-suited to combat in the Taiwanese urban environment, a sign that the Chinese military has taken into account the ability to fight on the street, once the soldiers are on land. Formosa.

China considers Taiwan an inseparable territory, if necessary, to be withdrawn by force. This is the Chinese military’s primary goal and the focus of the exercise.

The exercise involved a combat brigade from the 72nd Army, stationed in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The 72nd Army was managed by the Eastern District.

230 Chinese soldiers with 30 tanks form the red army, with the mission to capture the simulated city. On the other side, the green team with 70 soldiers and 6 tanks, is responsible for defense.

Under the support of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, the red army controlled the simulated city for 3 hours, successfully removed the mines, broke the roadblocks created by the green troops.

The exercise simulates the conflict between the Chinese and Taiwanese military, in which the green army is assumed to be Taiwan, using the terrain advantage to compensate for the weakness in firepower and manpower.

Type 96A urban combat tank.

The drills also aim to familiarize mechanized units with urban combat, which has fundamental differences from combat in the mountains.

According to Taiwanese military expert Le-yi, the 72nd Army has paid special attention to urban combat training over the years.

“The Type 96A tanks weigh only 45 tons, very suitable for combat in areas with complex terrain like Taiwan,” Chi said. “The Type 04 infantry fighting vehicle works well with the Type 96A, because these are all light armored vehicles, able to cross rivers and climb mountains well.”

Military analyst Song Zhongping in Hong Kong said the Chinese military is working hard to overcome the challenges and difficulties once landing in Taiwan.

Type 075 and Type 071 assault landing ships are responsible for bringing tanks ashore, providing support to the Marines and deep in the island of Taiwan.

“Using main battle tanks in street fighting is one of the most common tactics in modern warfare. The final war to gain control of Taiwan will be done by the army and marines, ”said Mr. Song.

The content of the exercise, posted on CCTV, is also considered a warning from China to Taiwan, according to SCMP.

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