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Second Taiwanese hospital involved in COVID outbreaks

One in four cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in water was confirmed on Saturday (January 30). It happened at a Taiwanese hospital in Taoyuan City, different from where a group had 18 other patients, according to officials.

Taoyuan General Hospital was the focal point of a recent domestic outbreak that affected 18 people. That included a woman in her 80’s, who became Taiwan’s eighth virus death on Friday (Jan. 29). However, one of the newly confirmed patients on Saturday, case number 908, was infected during a visit to another hospital in Taoyuan City.

On January 23, a man around 50 years old accompanied his mother to the hospital and stayed there for about an hour. While in the waiting room, they contacted the person who was then assigned case number 889, within about 20 minutes, CECC said.

When they went to get the medicine, the mother was closer to the infected person, but she gave negative results, according to CECC director Chen Shih-chung (陳 時 中). The man was asked for home isolation and remained asymptomatic, although his latest test showed a positive virus.

Chen stressed that the hospital was disinfected after his visit, and that this does not pose any special risks. Authorities said a total of 160 contacts for the 908 case had been requested for isolation.

To date, Taiwan has recorded 909 coronavirus infections, including 8 deaths, 75 domestic transmission cases and 795 entries.


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