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Next week, Taiwan will see more earthquakes of varying magnitude

Taiwan could see a magnitude 4.0 or higher aftershock next week, following Thursday night’s 6.7-magnitude earthquake that rocked northern and northeastern regions of the country, according to the Central Weather Service (CWB).

Chen Kuo-chang (陳國昌), director of the Bureau’s Seismic Center, said the ship was attacked at 9:19 pm off the coast of Yilan County, occurring in a subduction area that includes Eurasia. and the Philippine Sea Plate.

During a press conference on Thursday, Mr. Chen said while earthquakes in subduction zones are often associated with a rapid release of energy, thereby reducing the risk of major aftershocks, but Shocks of magnitude 4.0 or higher are still likely to occur in the next week.

According to Chen, 2020 is a seismic year in Taiwan, relative to historical levels.

There have been 4 earthquakes this year with magnitude of at least 6.0, exceeding the historic average of 2.3 and 25 earthquakes above 5.0 magnitude, compared with an average of just 18, he said.

As of press time, the CWB has recorded a total of three aftershocks from Thursday’s quake: one at 9:27 pm on Thursday measuring 4.8, one at 1.31 am on Friday measuring 4.1 and at 2:15 am on Friday morning measuring 5.6.


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