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New Taipei City has lit up the Christmas tree

The 10th edition of ‘Christmasland’ features a light show featuring Disney characters

With a month and 12 days left, New Taipei City lit up the Christmas tree on Friday (November 13), in hopes of attracting 6 million visitors despite the rampaging COVID-19. onions around the world.

While the number of confirmed infections is on the rise, reaching almost 600, Taiwan is still hailed as a role model in the fight against the pandemic, with no door locks or mass restrictions.

However, New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-iH (侯友宜) said during the Christmas tree ceremony that in addition to playing, city residents should protect their health by wearing a mask and practicing away from society. Even so, people visiting the site near Banqiao Train Station were more concerned with congestion than the risk of infection.

This tree is part of the 10th edition of “Christmasland”, which will run until January 3 and features light shows and installations inspired by Walt Disney characters like Snow White. , Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

Officials say this year’s event will be open longer and on a larger scale than any previous, with more than 100 LEDs and lasers projecting images to the city government building.


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