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Misuse of the ‘Taiwan Pork’ label will result in a fine of up to NT $ 4 million

Businesses caught supplying meat products with a fake label “Taiwan Pork” could face a fine of up to NT $ 4 million ($ 142,797). Effective January 1, Agriculture Council (COA) Minister Tran Chi -chung (陳吉仲) said Saturday.

Speaking at a Taipei-based forum, Chen said that when a meat product is labeled “Taiwan Pork”, it means that the main ingredient used is sourced locally.

The COA Minister warns: Businesses, including supermarkets, restaurants and food suppliers, that are engaging in unscrupulous behavior regarding fake or misleading labeling can be fined between NT $ 40,000 and 4. million Taiwan Dollars.

His comments came after the Legislative People voted earlier this week to pass a series of administrative directives regarding the government’s decision to lift restrictions on imports of pork containing additives. Controversial feeder ractopamine and US beef from cows over 30 months of age.

According to the COA minister, the authorities are examining more than 10,000 local businesses that have registered the “Taiwan Pork” logo to prove that their main materials are actually sourced domestically.

The logo is a new branding initiative launched by the COA on December 1 and designed to help customers differentiate whether shops and restaurants are mainly using domestic or imported pork. .

Meanwhile, data on domestic and imported pork volumes on the Taiwan market will be posted daily on the website of the COA and the Department of Health and Welfare from next year, when US pork imports. Contains ractopamine is expected to begin.


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