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Leaving the quarantine room for 8 seconds, a worker in Kaohsiung is fined NT $ 100,000

A Filipino immigrant worker in Kaohsiung was fined NT $ 100,000 (US $ 3,540) for leaving his room at a quarantine hotel for 8 seconds, in violation of quarantine regulations, according to the City Health Department. know Sunday.

A migrant worker who arrived in Taiwan last month, was found to have stepped out of a hotel room for eight seconds on November 13 to leave something at the door of another room for a friend who is also quarantined. on the same floor, the health department said.

The man’s actions were recorded by surveillance cameras and hotel staff reported the incident to the health department, the ministry said.

The Filipino man was fined NT $ 100,000 for he was under mandatory quarantine 14 days after arriving in Taiwan and should not have been allowed to leave his room, the ministry said.

After the recent spike in imports of COVID-19 in Taiwan, the city government has asked hotel managers to more closely monitor those on quarantine, according to the health ministry.

In Kaohsiung, there are 56 hotels providing a total of about 3,000 rooms for quarantine purposes. As the demand for such rooms has increased recently, quarantined hotels in the city have become strained, the health ministry said, adding that the average daily number of people has to check. The translation in Kaohsiung has increased from 2,739 people on November 22 to 3,859 on December 6.

One of the factors contributing to the high figure was the return of offshore fishermen in Kaohsiung port this month, although they were allowed to quarantine on their ships at port for the required 14 days, the ministry said. health said.

The health agency will take steps to ensure that the fishing boat crew members do not violate the quarantine, the ministry said.

From November 1 to December 5, nine foreign migrant workers in Kaohsiung were found to violate quarantine rules, according to city government data.

The penalty for violating quarantine regulations in Kaohsiung is a fine of between NT $ 100,000 and NT $ 1 million.


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