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Kaohsiung demonstrates New Year’s fireworks with a drone

The countdown party in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, will feature a 5-minute fireworks show that simulates the design of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks as well as a drone demonstration.

To say goodbye to a pandemic devastated 2020 and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city’s renaming from Takao to Kaohsiung, the city government planned to make the fireworks stand out, including By Using Fireworks 16 inch caliber, largest in Taiwan.

The city government says this year’s fireworks will emulate Sydney’s fireworks design, with multiple locations along the harbor area being used to launch fireworks. The public is encouraged to take the Kaohsiung metro, express train or ferry.

The city government added that Kaohsiung Music Center, Dolphin Walking Street, Lingyaliao Iron Bridge, the waterfront area along Kaohsiung Harbor, British Consulate at Takow, Kaohsiung Martyrs Temple on Shoushan and The Cihou lighthouse are all good places to enjoy the show.

Expected to have a large number of visitors, the city government has planned to activate step-by-step traffic control measures, while the Kaohsiung subway, light rail and city bus will last. Operating hours until 2 a.m. on January 1.

For those planning to drive a car or ride a scooter, the city government recommends that they park their car off the spot and then take public transport for the last stop.

The city government urges residents to wear masks and avoid eating and drinking during the celebrations.


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