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Indonesian workers have to undergo new quarantine regulations

All migrant workers from Indonesia to Taiwan will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine at government-designated locations starting November 20 due to a spike in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases from that in recent days, the Central Command for Epidemiology (CECC) said Wednesday.

Currently, only migrant workers hired by the local social welfare sector, such as carers, and individuals who re-enter from Indonesia are required to be quarantined as by their employers. dynamically arranged.

According to CECC, from March 27 to November 16, a total of 4,180 Indonesian migrant workers had to undergo mandatory quarantine for two weeks at government-designated locations while 2,382 others did so. at their place of residence.

Meanwhile, CECC also announced its decision to suspend four Indonesian employment agencies sending Indonesian migrant workers to Taiwan starting November 20, after at least 20 Taiwan health authorities discovered coronavirus infection. in recent days.

Four Organs – Pt. Sentosa Karya Adimta, Pt. Vita Melati Indonesia, Pt. Ekoristi Berkarya, Pt. Graha Ayukarsa – will not be able to send migrant workers to Taiwan until the Indonesian health authority determines that they have improved their pandemic prevention measures and that assessment is confirmed by the CECC.


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