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Has won 10 million Taiwanese lottery bills Taiwan

7-Eleven Taiwanese customers bought bread at NT $ 42, winning NT $ 10 million

A customer at 7-Eleven who was lucky enough to buy bread and drinks for just NT $ 42 ($ 1.47) won a special prize of NT $ 10 million in the Taiwan draw issued from September to September. ten.

On Wednesday (November 25), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced the winning numbers for the most recent Taiwan lottery. Later that day, 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and PX Mart all announced that a customer had won a special prize.

According to 7-Eleven, the special prize winner bought NT $ 42 for bread and drink at a branch in Annan district, Tainan. In addition, the convenience store chain said that two customers had won a grand prize of NT $ 2 million and 4 customers won a NT $ 1 million electronic invoice system prize.

One of the grand prize winners spent NT $ 203 on rice balls, oden and flour milk tea in the Beitun district of Taichung. Another grand prize winner spent NT $ 1,004 on an ICT product and fresh milk at 7-Eleven in Taichung’s Dajia district.

For the four award winners of the electronic billing system, one customer bought sandwiches and drinks in Taoyuan’s Pingzhen District for NT $ 71, while another bought rice balls in the Western District of Taoyuan. Taichung for NT $ 43.

The third winner bought a drink at 7-Eleven in Taoyuan’s Guishan district. Fourth buy snacks at a branch in Nantun district of Taichung for NT $ 38.

FamilyMart stated that their jackpot winner spent less than NT $ 100 in Qidu District of Keelung but did not mention what the purchase was. In addition, the convenience store chain reported that a customer had won a grand prize of NT $ 2 million, 4 recipients of NT $ 200,000, and one recipient of an electronic invoice system prize of NT $ 1 million. NT.

The grand prize winner bought a snack at a store in Toufen in Miaoli County. The four First Prize winners bought tea, sandwiches, snacks and other items for under NT $ 100 at FamilyMarts in Shetou Town of Changhua District, Wugu District of New Taipei City, City’s Xinying District Tainan and Toucheng Town of Yilan County.

FamilyMart’s only customer who becomes an award winner of the electronic invoice system purchases beverages and other merchandise in Shoufeng Town in Hualien County.

According to PX Mart, the special prize winner spent NT $ 56 on milk toast and dragon fruit at a store in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City. In addition to the customer who won the special prize, PX Mart said there was a customer who won the big prize.

The grand prize winner spent NT $ 133 on a Japanese curry salad and Tamsui fish ball at a store in Yonghe District, New Taipei City.


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