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General information about Taiwan Invoice

The free lottery is designed to reward legitimate purchases at Taiwan stores, the Unity Invoice Lottery is drawn every two months. Everyone is eligible to participate (including tourists) and winning tickets with lower amounts can be easily redeemed at convenience stores.

At the top of the receipt, the receipt number is 8 digits long and begins with 2 letters. For paper lottery, only the same number of digits are needed.

Many awards are awarded based on the category and number of matching numbers. The ‘Special Prize’ awards NT $ 10 million for matching all numbers in that category. The ‘Grand Prize’ rewards NT $ 2 million for matching all numbers in that category. Standard prizes award different amounts based on matching numbers. Match all of the 200,000 prize digits NT , which matches the last 7 digits of the 40,000 prize NT , which matches the last 6 digits of the 10,000 prize NT , which matches the last 5 digits of the 4,000 prize NT , which matches the last 4 digits of the 1,000 prize NT , and matches the last 3 digits of the 200 prize NT. There may be an additional 3-digit ‘Bonus’ drawing, if it matches, the prize 200 NT .

Lottery drawings happen on the 25th of every month with odd numbers. The Redemption phase usually starts at 6th day next month and remain open for 3 months.

Receipts obtained from legitimate purchases qualify for the lottery and act as a way to drive consumer-based activity by encouraging sellers to legally report tax. An unofficial receipt without a ‘Uniform Invoice Number’ on top (2 letters + 8 digits) is not a legitimate official receipt (meaning the store did not report and pay sales tax goods or services) and are not eligible for this lottery. This receipt is referred to in Chinese as 統一 發票.

The information at the top of the receipt will include the store name, the dial period (formatted as Year 年 Month – Month 月), and the lottery number. The number of years on the receipt is formatted as the ROC year, which means the number of years since ROC’s establishment in 1911. To find the current year, simply add the year 1911 to the number. Use this information to determine the appropriate lottery to check your winnings receipts.

After the appearance of ‘electronic invoices’, receipts can be stored electronically on IC cards such as Easycard or iPass when paying with those cards. To check if any of the e-invoices stored on the IC card have won the lottery, go to boxes 7-11 and use the iBon machine to check.


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