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Fair in Taiwan broke out Two factions rushed into confrontation the police had to stop

The 30th Temple Fair in Yanpu Town, Pingtung City, there was a bloody conflict! Two men were angry online because of a debt dispute to go to the pagoda fair with friends to watch fun, then met on a narrow street, a 24-year-old suspect stabbed to death a 37-year-old man named Song.

The sharp object then ran away quickly, the victim’s friends were all injured, sometimes friends even scuffled at the scene, fought, fortunately the police came in time to dissuade.

Police versus the crowd: “Don’t quarrel! Don’t argue! You can’t do this! OK! OK! Not me!” The fair is hot but two factions fight in the street, and 7, 8 policemen rushed to block, but there are still people in the distance taking advantage of the chaos and throwing their fists, fortunately the conflict does not expand !

A 37-year-old man named Song came to a friend’s house to participate in the pagoda fair when suddenly he met a 24-year-old suspect who was also watching the show. The suspect stabbed his body with a sharp object, causing a 10 cm scar on his abdomen and tearing his wrist Thankfully, there was no life-threatening injury, the suspect stabbed to death quickly fled the scene after the incident. Sentencing, the victim’s friends also used a shovel to kill, but no one was arrested.

Chen Ciming, deputy head of the investigation team of the Ligang branch, said: “The two sides have come to this area to see the temple fair. The Zheng family stabbed them in the stomach of the Song family with a sharp object for unknown reasons.

Police said that when the murdered man’s friend saw a group of people pass by, he thought it was a suspect who came to incite the crowd, so he immediately rushed out, only then did two groups happen. scuffle to confront!

The victims and suspects were friends, and because they were not willing to borrow money to pay their debts, they were accused by the opponent of not being able to pay the debt. excitement and bloody conflict erupted. A man surnamed Zheng arrived.


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