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Experience in E-visa (electronic visa) Taiwan

Currently traveling to Taiwan, the first concern is visa. Due to the open tourism policy of Taiwan, Vietnamese citizens and some other countries are also facilitated to go to Taiwan more easily than before. Especially, some objects are eligible for visa exemption or can do e-visa (electronic visa) … Applying for Taiwan e -visa is now very simple, only takes about 5 minutes of you.

Conditions for Taiwan visa exemption

From September 1, 2019, Vietnamese citizens have a valid permanent residence card, residence card, or visa (or have expired within the past 10 years) of the United States, Canada, and Japan. Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Schengen countries, South Korea and Taiwan will be exempt from tourist visas. This is the official announcement of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office.

For these cases, visitors will be issued a certificate allowing multiple entries to Taiwan. Duration of stay is 30 days. This policy does not apply to citizens who have worked in unskilled labor.

Conditions to apply for Taiwan e-visa

For those travelers who are eligible for the above visa exemption but have not traveled to Taiwan at all, you need to visit the Taiwan Immigration Department’s website to provide some additional personal information. This is considered an e-visa application process. (In other words this is a case of “conditional visa exemption”.).

After completing the necessary information, the website system will answer the results for visitors. In case of passing, you print out a visa exemption declaration to enter Taiwan.

You can apply for a Taiwan tourist visa exemption at two online portals:

If approved, E-visa Taiwan will have a period of 3 months, be allowed to enter multiple times. Maximum length of stay is 14 days.

Guide to Taiwan electronic visa application

The e-visa process is very simple. You will know the results immediately after applying.

The process is as follows:

First, visit Then select Vietnamese language and click Next (Figure 1)

Step 1: choose the language

The next page summarizes the entire process of free online visa approval (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Free online visa application process

Continue to click Next, visitors will see things to note (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Things to note

And now, start filling in information (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Enter the required information

With this step, visitors fill out the information such as:

  • Nationality
  • Surname
  • Name (Given Name)
  • Passport No.
  • Passport Expire Date (passport expiration date)
  • Date Of Birth
  • Sex (Sex)
  • Flight number (Flight / Vessel No.)
  • Expect Date Entry (intended date of arrival in Taiwan – same as flight date)
  • Occupation (profession)
  • Purpose of Visit purpose of Taiwan (choose sightseeing if traveling only to Taiwan)
  • Resident Address or Hotel Name in Taiwan: Name of hotel address in Taiwan. If you live in someone you know, enter the address of the person’s home
  • Email and phone


  • For flight numbers, if you have not yet booked your flight ticket, you can go to the web of airlines and find a flight to Taiwan to get the number.
  • For the hotel address, if you have not yet booked a hotel, you can refer to the address of a hotel on booking websites such as

Special conditions:

In the box of special conditions, if you have a visa or a residence card, check it. Then select your country and enter the card number on the country’s visa. (Depending on the country, the card number will be in different positions on the visa).

Note, after filling out the information, you must check that it is correct, if not, you can “back” to correct it. Once finished, click submit to submit the online declaration.

Get results of Taiwan e-visa approval:

After submitting the information, there will be 2 cases as follows:

  • Your visa is approved – within a few notes the screen will display an Approved message with detailed information. You just need to click “Print” to save the PDF file and print it on A4 paper. Note this step carefully – you need to save the PDF file because when you close the browser, it is considered lost.
  • Rejection – you will not receive a notification, or an announcement of a failed result. The reason for rejection may be that your name is in the blacklist.

When denied, you can either try again or use another developed country visa to reapply.

In case you are not eligible for Taiwan visa exemption and e-visa application, you need to apply for a visa as usual by submitting your application. For simplicity, you can contact visa service companies or travel agencies for the fastest assistance.

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