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Coming to Taiwan without this paper you will be fined up to NT $ 150,000

The CECC fines for tourists who arrive without testing COVID-19

Taiwan’s Central Epidemiological Command Center (CECC) said on Saturday it was considering guidance to fine people who came to the country without evidence of the recent COVID-19 inspection, after the Such testing becomes mandatory in Taiwan on December 1.

Earlier this month, CECC announced that it would start requires anyone wishing to enter Taiwan to present an English certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test performed within three days of boarding when check-in.

It then lists some exceptions to the rule, namely for individuals from countries that do not have self-pay tests or who are in an emergency or already pre-approved.

At a press conference on Saturday, CECC’s Dr Lin Yung-ching (林詠青) said the government health agency was drafting instructions to penalize visitors who arrived without test results or appropriate waivers. rate.

“Those who are unable to provide COVID-19 test results will not only have to pay for the test on arrival, but may also be fined NT $ 10,000 ($ 351) – NT $ 150,000 under the Control Act,” Lin said. Infectious Diseases. .

The instructions, he said, would provide a basis for determining the amount of the fine based on the details of the case.

Meanwhile, in the case of travelers who test positive for COVID-19, Lin said, it will depend on the laws of the country from which they are departing, as well as the airline regulations. which they use about whether they are allowed to table.


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