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Building collapsed in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung after the earthquake

A building collapsed unexpectedly in Kaohsiung on Thursday afternoon (January 28), shortly after an earthquake struck southern Taiwan.

On Thursday afternoon, an old structure collapsed at the intersection of Bade 2 Road and Tong’ai Road in Kaohsiung’s Xinxing District. Police and firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene and one person was rescued.

Building collapsed in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung after the 5.0 earthquake

(Photo of Kaohsiung City Government Fire Department)

Based on initial investigation, officials at the Department of Public Works believe the building was an abandoned theater and entertainment center. Police have zoned out of the area and looked for any trapped people.

At 3:29 pm, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck 30 km southwest of Taitung Town Hall and had a shallow focal length of 8.8 km. Taiwan uses an intensity scale of one to seven, which measures how well an earthquake is felt in a particular location.

The magnitude of the earthquake was recorded like an earthquake in Kaohsiung. Officials have not yet determined whether the crash was caused by the earthquake.


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