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Be careful of fake Taiwan currency when shopping in Taiwan

The New Year is coming, and counterfeit notes are coming into the market! One woman in Pingtung paid 1,000 yuan for dinner. The store found a counterfeit NT $ 100 bill. She thought it looked very old at that time.

She took it home and compared it, but she found out that the print was blurred and there was no watermark, the size was also smaller than the real bill by one size, afraid of a large amount of counterfeit money spilling into the market, she asked The brother collated the photos on the website, hope everyone sympathetic and careful!

Mr. Lin: “The image of the fake money head is a bit fuzzy! If it’s true, the lines below will be clearer. In fact, it (the anti-counterfeiting line) should resemble the laser, and it (the counterfeit bill) is glued on. Sticky! “Taking out the suspected counterfeit notes, Mr. Lin said, this is the store he looked for when my sister went to buy food the day before.”

Mr. Lin: “One in 500 and three out of 100, I found it for my sister, and when my sister received it, she found the color of this note to be quite old, so she is special. pay attention to this one. ” As a result, comparing with my sister, I found that not only the counterfeit notes had no watermarks, but the anti-counterfeiting lines were also glued in paragraphs. It is not a whole line of laser printing. Moreover, the size of Since the store seemed to be unaware, Mr. Lin worried about the end of the new year, would a large amount of counterfeit one hundred yuan banknotes enter the market?

The reporter brought this NT $ 100 counterfeit note to the store to check it out, and most industry insiders know something’s wrong with touching it!

Shop (unaffected): “Counterfeit money! How do you look? There’s no watermark here! ”

Shop (unaffected): “Feels different if you touch it!”

Stores (unaffected): “Normally there will be a number, reflecting this there will be a number, and then there is no such stamp.” The store said that most banknotes received in advance were NT $ 500 or NT $ 1,000, so they will pay special attention.

However, because gangs often choose to go to the store when the store is busy, sometimes it’s really hard to guard against.

Shop (unaffected): “We rarely come across a counterfeit NT $ 100 note. All are big bills. (NT $ 1,000). When they come back, they are all big bills.

Stores (not affected): “They will use many people” When you are in a hurry, give it to them. “

Unlike the previous big bills, this time the thugs using counterfeit NT $ 100 bills get less attention. People and industries must pay more attention to payment and collection, so as not to be fooled!


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