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Attention when playing sand pool! A 6-year-old boy in Taiwan had a ruptured eardrum

Parents must be present for children to play in the sand pool! A 6-year-old boy in New Taipei City recently went to an indoor amusement park to play in the sand pool.

In the process, sand splashed and accidentally got caught in the ear. The boy was eventually removed with general anesthesia but his eardrum was damaged, causing hearing loss. Parents believe that sand is too small and dangerous, so they ask the authorities to compensate, but the two sides have yet to agree on compensation.

Blue sand stuck to the ear, could not take it out, the 6-year-old boy screamed in pain, finally the foreign object was taken out by the method of general anesthesia. The eardrum had been torn off. One cm of nano ceramic sand. The children have played freely in the sand pool, blue white sand, no dust, after washing will not be moldy, relatively hygienic, but the small one contains many risks.

A few days ago, a boy and his sister went to the Linkou indoor theme park in New Taipei City, in the process, the sand was splashed and just caught in the ear, the sand subsided deeper and deeper when removed hand, was taken to the big hospital and removed immediately. I hurt my mother.

Because the child’s eardrum is affected and the baby’s hearing is impaired.

Photo / TVBS Boy’s mother: “In the future, our ears will age and degenerate, but he may come faster than others. The damage to the left ear is 25 decibels different from the right ear, so the doctor advised us to treat the eardrum now, so that the damage will not continue. “There are warnings at the scene to remind parents that they need to be around throughout the process.

The mother blamed herself for not keeping an eye on the child at the time, but also questioned the staff for not reporting the danger. The boy’s mother: “I don’t want to deprive the kid of play. Sand play is very useful to its perception. I’m just saying the material could be bigger or I think some people in the community have different POs.

Material that doesn’t stick to the nose and mouth could be safer. The company issued a statement saying that after the incident, they took the initiative with the baby to go to the doctor, and actively negotiated the next required procedures with the parents and the insurance company, now the company Insurance is only available for compensation. medical expenses, travel expenses and damage wages, the two sides have not yet reached agreement on consensus payment.


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