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“Assassin” helps Taiwan destroy Chinese aircraft carriers, combat helicopters also turn “good bait”?

Taiwan’s new “ship killer” is said to be able to destroy Chinese aircraft carriers. Photo: Twitter

The Taiwan News on December 18 reported that, at a ceremony at the Lungteh shipyard in Su-ao town, Nghi Lan, Taiwan, held on December 15, Taiwanese leader Thai Anh Van presided over the launching ceremony of the Tuo Chiang class guided missile escort ship, built with the first domestic technology.

The new missile escort ship, named Ta Chiang, was dubbed the “killer killer” because it was equipped with the Hsiung Feng II (HF-2) subsonic anti-ship missiles and Hsiung Feng III medium-range missiles ( HF-3).

Responding to this information, the Global Times – a sub-publication of the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, on December 16 described the new Taiwan corvette would easily become “Targets for the Chinese Army’s fighters and helicopters (PLA)”. The globe believes that the Harbin Z-9 military helicopter is suitable for dealing with “small ships” like Ta Chiang.

The Chinese newspaper also quoted military expert Song Zhongping, saying that the new Taiwan corvette was “a small ship with strong firepower”. However, it could not destroy the PLA’s aircraft carriers.

Zhongping assumes that Taiwan’s coast guard could launch missiles from new missile escort ships against Chinese naval warships from outside Beijing’s air defense identification zone. But according to Zhongping, China could counterattack with the jets before the Taiwanese missile escort ship can set targets in sight.

Zhongping made this conjecture because Chinese aircraft carriers are capable of carrying large numbers of fighters. “The Taiwanese missile escort ships have no chance of survival,” said Zhongping. The weakness of Taiwan’s corvettes is that they have too many weapons to replace, military expert said.

Tuo Chiang class corvettes are believed to have Tien Chien II air defense missiles, Hsiung Feng II (HF-2) subsonic anti-ship missiles, Hsiung Feng III (HF-3) medium-range missiles, and Phalanx (CIWS) close-range weaponry, Browning M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun and Mark 32 torpedo tube.

What Global didn’t mention, however, was that the Chinese fighters would have difficulty locating Taiwan’s corvettes before stopping them from launching missiles. The Taiwanese corvettes possess advanced stealth technology and the RCS radar system to help avoid detection by radar on the Chinese side.

China’s Liaoning Carrier. Photo: China Military

The Chinese newspaper also cited analysis as saying that Taiwan’s corvette “cannot have radar systems advanced enough to detect the target and guide the missile effectively”.

According to Taiwan News, the Taiwanese missile escort ships are equipped with surface search radar and fire control radar, as well as an electronic warfare suite that includes an early warning system and electronic countermeasures. enemy rockets.

Global also cited the PLA East Sea Fleet’s statement, saying that the PLA used Z-9 combat helicopters to practice firing with anti-ship missiles in the South China Sea on December 11. The Z-9’s weaponry is believed to be sufficient to destroy small ships.

The Chinese newspaper quoted analysts as concluding that Taiwan’s corvettes would be the ideal “target” for the Z-9. Chinese analysts added that China’s Type 075 amphibious assault ship has been doing exercises in the South China Sea, near the island of Taiwan, and these ships carry “dozens of helicopters”, possibly. used in a future Taiwan attack.

According to the Taiwanese press, the Global article ignored the fact that the Taiwanese corvette was equipped with Tien Chien II air defense missiles with a maximum speed of Mach 6 (6 times the speed of sound, or more equivalent. 7,000 km / h), while the Z-9 has a top speed of 305 km / h. Thus, it can be said that the new Z-9 is the “good bait” for the Taiwanese missile escort ship, according to Taiwan News.

In addition, the Taiwanese corvettes have the Phalanx short-range weapons system, designed to disable helicopters and anti-ship missiles.

Another point is that the Taiwanese corvettes have a top speed of 43 knots, while the top speed of the Chinese aircraft carriers is only 30 knots.

China considers Taiwan an inseparable part of territory and is ready to unify by force when necessary.

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