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Apple asked Foxconn to shift production from China to Vietnam

Apple asks Foxconn to move iPad and MacBook production to Vietnam and minimize the impact of the Sino-US trade war

Apple is said to be asking Foxconn (富士康), its largest contract manufacturer in Taiwan, to move some of its iPad and MacBook production activities to Vietnam and reduce the exposure of the guy. a technology giant for the Sino-US trade war.

On Thursday (November 26), Reuters quoted a person familiar with the matter as saying that Foxconn is building an Apple iPad and MacBook assembly plant in Bac Giang province, northeast of Hanoi. The new lines will receive some production from China when they open in 2021, the source said.

The source specified the change “requested by Apple.” They added that the reason for the relocation was the tech giant’s desire to “diversify production after the trade war.”

On Tuesday (November 24), Foxconn announced it would invest US $ 270 million to establish a new subsidiary called FuKang Technology Co Ltd (富康 科技). The source revealed to the news agency that this new subsidiary will play a role in the new production facilities in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Apple is also aggressively pushing India, with Taiwan’s Foxconn, Pegatron (和 碩 聯合 科技) and Wistron (緯 創 資 通) all moving their manufacturing segments to the country. South Asia. Foxconn has invested INR 40 billion (US $ 542 million), Wistron has invested INR 13 billion and Pegatron has allocated INR 10.9 billion to new factories in India.

In February, when the coronavirus virus in Wuhan hit China, Apple reportedly moved production of AirPods Pro Lite, iPad and Apple Watch from China to Taiwan. However, in May, reports appeared that the assembly of the AirPods had been shipped to Vietnam.


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