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A Vietnamese person in Taiwan was positive for COVID-19

A Vietnamese person positive for Covid at a hospital in Northern Taiwan.

The Central Taiwan Epidemiological Command Center (CECC) on Tuesday (January 19) announced that of the last four cases of coronavirus infection in the hospital was a Vietnamese caregiver.

On Tuesday (January 19), CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳 時 中) announced four latest cases from a group of infections linked to a hospital in northern Taiwan. , including cases 864, 865, 868 and 869. Of these infections, Case No. 869 is a Vietnamese female caregiver in her 40s.

On January 12, the Minister of Health and the head of the Central Centers for Disease Control (CECC), Chen Shih-chung (陳 時 中) announced that a doctor and nurse were from a “residential hospital. northern Taiwan ”tested positive for COVID-19. The group’s first case was Case 838, a doctor who was looking after a coronavirus patient at a hospital in Taoyuan.

The cluster’s propagation process appears as follows. On January 3, a Taiwanese man in his 60s, Case No. 812, returned from the United States after visiting a relative there, tested positive for COVID-19 and placed in a quarantine at Taoyuan General Hospital, according to the ministry. about Health and Welfare.

A Vietnamese caregiver test positive for Covid at a hospital in northern Taiwan

After treating the patient in the intensive care unit on Level 7B, the doctor tested positive for coronavirus on January 12th. The same day, the Nurse, Case No. 839, worked on Level 6A and also the residence of the doctor. partner, positive test.
On January 17, Case No. 856, a doctor about 30 years old working on floors 7B and 10B, also gave a positive result. Case No. 852, a nurse in her 20s, who on January 10 was exposed to 838 for one hour at Floor 7B, gave a positive result on January 18.

Due to exposure to Case number 856, a nurse for Case No. 863, who works on Floor 10B, was tested and got a positive result on January 18th. The next day, Case number 868, one dollar Case No. 863 people also working on 10B Floor, have been diagnosed.

In addition, two relatives of Case 863 (Ca 864 and 865) tested positive for the disease. However, Case 869, a Vietnamese caregiver taking care of a patient on Level 9B, also gave a positive result for COVID-19 on that day.

The mystery is how she got sick, as she was the first person on Level 9B to test positive for the virus. CECC is currently investigating how infected she is.


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