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A Taiwanese woman in Tainan was tricked into NT $ 1.7 million in seconds

Before Lunar New Year was the peak of fraud crime, today the Taiwan Criminal Bureau shared a woman surnamed Lin in Tainan who had just received a fraudulent call from a (fake) police prosecutor, saying that her telecommunications bill has not been paid and is suspected of money laundering. She believes it is true and has paid 1.7 million NTD, if you are cheated you can dial 165 to check if it is or not.

The Taiwan Criminal Department released a press release today stating that there are many fraudulent cases of prosecutors. Fraud groups impersonate the police and prosecutors and perjury that the victims are involved in major criminal cases and that their property must be turned over to the supervisory court, and the offenders most have been arrested. Middle-aged and elderly, retirees or housewives who live a simple life and are less familiar with scams against victims aged 50-70.

A 66-year-old woman surnamed Lin in Tainan City received a fraudulent call at home in mid-January. The subject called her and said she was a member of Chunghwa Telecom. She said that Lin Nu’s telecommunications bill has not been paid and is due to be receivable, the victim said there is no debt, the fraud criminal said she assisted her to transfer to the anti-fraud hotline 165 to submit report the incident.

It was later discovered that Lin Nu’s account was suspected of money laundering and unauthorized use. To clarify the case, the case must be transferred to the procedural agency for handling. And, the phone was transferred to criminals pretending to be prosecutors, and even perjured that Lin Nu’s account was linked to a major money laundering criminal case, requiring her to withdraw money from her ATM account. and assigned to the Court oversight to prove her innocent.

Turn in and do not reveal what to others. Because she was afraid of being suspected, she gave money to the fraud group twice as instructed, but after thinking a few times, she felt that something was wrong so she called the anti-fraud hotline. 165 scam for advice and was shocked to lose 1.7 million NTD.

The Criminal Department recommends that middle-aged and old people living alone or at home alone during the day be careful with such “fake police” tricks to avoid being deceived, and public authorities will not telephone conviction notices, let alone surveillance. Citizens’ accounts and property, if you receive a suspicious call, dial yourself to the anti-fraud hotline 165 for verification.


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