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A Taiwanese person left NT $ 28,000 in his pocket when discarding

A person in Taichung left his money in large quantities without realizing it, until he was returned by the police.

The Taichung City police recently received news that a bag of cash was found at the recycling facility, totaling more than NT $ 280,000. When Officer Lin Weixiang of Dadun Police Station of the Fourth Branch of the Taichung Police Station was on duty, a man surnamed Huang entered the police station with a plastic bag and announced that he was working. In the cleaning team I saw a bag of cash when he sorted out old clothes, the money was quite large so I went to report.

Lin Weixiang discovered that the note had a strong musty smell, so he assessed it as a hidden personal money. It was a long time since it was neglected, at the end of the year dumping the trash with this bag, and the police went to the supermarket to borrow the cash register to count the money, the paper money was too wet to use, so the station staff ended the police divided the work and tally the total amount was NT $ 280,000.

To find the owner of the money, Lin Weixiang found notes that were mixed with invoices and recycling receipts. He went to the store with his colleague Huang Weilin and found the owner, the 72-year-old Zhou, through his member information when the police called. Arriving at the door, the police mistakenly thought the police were a fraud group, the police had to explain and prove the owner to believe.

But the owner cannot say the exact amount. The police then sought out the Zhou couple and the cleaning team to dig deeper, I learned that the wife of the owner of the Chu surname had saved some money, said their wife, “ I intend to do my job. subjects and pensions for their daughter, hard cash to collect, private money, the couple also took a box of fruit to thank the police for their hard work.

Ye Xinliang, the director of the Dadun Police Station, also reminded residents that they should pay attention to the year-end cleaning, some people often leave valuables such as personal money, gold bars, and savings books in the electrical appliances and large furniture. Be careful before disposing of sundries to avoid loss.


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