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Words related to the management of drivers in Japan (P2)

さ 行

サ ー ビ ス エ リ ア (SA): A stop on the highway

災害 対 策 基本法: Law on natural disaster prevention

最高 速度: Maximum speed

最低 速度: Minimum speed

坂 道: Pass road, steep road

左 折: Turn left

左 折 可: You can turn left

錯 覚: Illusion

残存 歩 行者: People crossing the street are stuck

People who, when the pedestrian lights turn red, have not yet crossed the road and are stuck in the lane.

シ ー ト ベ ル ト: Seat belts

死角: Blind spot

時間 制 限 駐 車 区間: Parking area with limited time

事故 証明書: Accidental certification

Full record of the traffic accident, including date and time, location, names and addresses of all parties, vehicle type, vehicle number, auto liability insurance company name, certificate number , type of accident, … Is a required document when requesting auto insurance and voluntary insurance.

時差 式 信号: Time difference when the traffic light changes color

指示 標示: Signposts instruction

Signs are intended to signal the implementation of a particular mode of traffic or to announce a certain place.

指示 標識: Signposts instruction

Signs are intended for regulatory purposes, warn danger and facilitate traffic by giving directions and guidance.

指定 消防 水利: Designated fire location

Signs indicate ponds, water tanks and places with water for fire fighting

指定 方向 外 進行 禁止: Do not go to other directions

The sign indicates a white arrow on a green background, prohibiting the vehicle from going in a direction other than that indicated by the arrow on the display board.

自動 車 横断 帯: The crossing area in the car lane

The part of the road with signs indicates a place for bicycles to cross.

自動 車道: Roads for cars

自動 車 検 査証: Automotive inspection certificate

自動 車 専 用 道路: Roads reserved for cars

The roads are only accessible by cars for the convenience of traffic in the city and surrounding areas. Mini-cars, small motorbikes and motorbikes are not allowed.

自動 車 損害 賠償 責任 保 険: Vehicle damage insurance

視野: Vision

車間 距離: The distance between two cars on the road

The standard for safe distance between vehicles is the distance a car can travel from the moment the brake is applied to the brake and the car stops. In addition, it is generally assumed that the value of replacing speed with distance on expressway (100m at 100km) is safe distance between vehicles. On a regular road, if you drive at 60 km / h, the required distance is 45m.

車 検: Vehicle registration and maintenance

車道: Road traffic

車 両 総 重量: Total vehicle weight

車 両 通行 帯: Traffic lanes

車 両 の 種類 と 略称: Type and abbreviation of the vehicle

車輪 止 め: Fix the car, stop the vehicle

One of the measures to prevent illegal parking: Install a wheel fixing device for vehicles that are illegally parked on certain roads. If the wheel stopper is removed or destroyed on its own accord, the driver will be fined.

重大 違反 唆 し 等: Inciting a serious offense

Committing acts of seducing or assisting the driver of a vehicle with serious violations (drunk, driving drug addicted, violating rescue obligations, committing an offense at point 6 or higher).

酒 気 帯 び 運 転: Driving a vehicle in a state of yeast

With an alcohol concentration of 0.15mg in 1 liter of exhaled gas or 0.3g or more in 1ml of blood.

消音 器 (マ フ ラ ー): Silencer

As one of the parts of the engine, it works to reduce the noise (exhaust noise) when exhausting exhaust gases to the outside.

衝 撃 力: Impact force

使用 制 限 命令: Use restriction order

乗車 定員: Vehicle capacity

Maximum number of passengers, including driver. Children under 12 years old are considered 2/3 so 3 passengers can sit on 2 seats, except the driver’s seat.

蒸 発 現象: Evaporation phenomenon

At night, the lights from two cars running in the opposite direction will prevent the driver from seeing the pedestrian crossing. A phenomenon that occurs frequently on dark streets.

シ ョ ー ト カ ッ ト 走 行: Take a shortcut

徐 行: Move in slow speed

初 心 運 転 者: Beginners

初 心 運 転 者 標識 (初心者 マ ー ク): Beginner’s logo mark

信号 ・ 信号 機: Signal lights

進行 妨害: Traffic traffic congestion

進行 方向 別 通行 区分: Classification of lanes according to travel direction

Vehicles going straight, turning left or right at an intersection must go in the right lane with the available direction.

身体 障害 者 標識 (身体 障害 者 マ ー ク): Logo of the physically disabled

進入 禁止: Do not enter

進 路 変 更: Changing lanes

ス ク ラ ン ブ ル 交 差点: The intersection has many crosswalks

Intersection where all traffic lights stop so pedestrians can move in any direction in the intersection.

ス タ ッ ド レ ス タ イ ヤ: tubeless tire

ス タ ン デ ィ ン グ ウ ェ ー ブ 現象: Standing wave phenomenon

When continuously driving at high speed with low tire pressure, a ripple appears on the back of the tire. When these wave patterns appear, it means the tire temperature has been increased, the pressure and elasticity do not recover as before, which can cause damage or increase the risk of explosion.

制動 距離: Brake distance

The distance from the moment the brakes started until the vehicle came to a stop.

整 備 不良 車 両: The vehicle is poorly maintained

Vehicles are not equipped with steering wheel, brake or other devices, which can cause danger in traffic or emit harmful gas or noise while operating.

積 載 の 制 限: Load limit

セ パ レ ー ト 信号: Private signal

In some areas, traffic lights are always red, and illuminated in green with arrows indicating right, left or straight directions.

セ ル モ ー タ ー (~ に よ る 移動): Motor start

前照灯: Headlights

専 用 通行 帯: A dedicated lane

専 用 場所 駐 車 標 章 (高 齢 運 転 者 等 標 章): Specialized Parking Logo Seal

Ordinary car driver license holders who are over 70 years old, physically disabled or pregnant, can apply for a dedicated Parking Logo Mark with the Public Safety Commission. Then, the vehicle is only allowed to park or stop in the restricted section with the sign “For special vehicles only”.

相 対 速度: Relative speed

総 排 気 量: Vehicle cylinder capacity

側 車 付 (~ 自動 二 輪車): sidecar car

た 行

第一 (二) 種 運 転 免 許: First class (second) driver’s license

A first class license is a general license required to drive a car or motorcycle. A second class license is a driver’s license for passenger vehicles such as buses, taxis or business drivers.

代行 運 転 自動 車: Alternate driving

Alternate driving is a service to assist, substitute driving when the owner is drunk or has a health problem

タ イ ヤ チ ェ ー ン: Tire chain

The chain is attached to the wheel to prevent skidding on the snowy roads.

タ イ ヤ の 交換 方法: How to change a tire

タ イ ヤ の ロ ー テ ー シ ョ ン: Reverse tire position

If the tire is used in the same position for a long time, the wear on the front and rear wheels may differ, unevenly between the wheels. To prevent these, the “tire position swap” must be done, allowing the wheel to wear evenly and the tire for a long time.

地球 温暖 化: Global warming

チ ャ イ ル ド シ ー ト: Child seat

チ ャ イ ル ド ロ ッ ク: Child lock

A type of lock that prevents a child from opening the car door on his own, which is dangerous for himself and others.

チ ャ レ ン ジ 講習: Short-term challenge class

This is the classroom to confirm whether deterioration in physical functions due to aging has a significant effect on driving.

中央 線: Lane median strip

中型 自動 車: A mid-size four-wheeled vehicle

中型 免 許: About mid-size driving license

駐 車: Park the car

駐 車 監視 員: Parking security and supervision

聴 覚 障害 者 標識 (聴 覚 障害 者 マ ー ク): Logo of the deaf

Ordinary driver’s licensee has a binaural hearing loss that causes 90 decibels to not be heard at a distance of 10m even with hearing aids.

通 学 通 園 バ ス: School bus

Bus is mainly for pupils, students and children going to school, kindergarten and kindergarten.

通行 を 妨 げ な い: Do not obstruct movement

When a pedestrian is crossing an intersection with or without the pedestrian line, drivers must yield to the pedestrian crossing the street safely, slow down or stop temporarily.

ツ ー リ ン グ: Traveling by motorbike

定期 検 査: Periodic check

定期 点 検: Periodic check

停止 位置 ・ 停止 線: Stop position / Stop line

停止 距離: Stopping distance

The distance from the point the driver decides to brake quickly until the car comes to a stop.

停止 処分 者 講習: Course for people with with suspension of degrees

停止 表示 機 材: Stop signaling kit

T 字 マ ー ク ・ 十字 マ ー ク: T-shaped mark

T-shaped or cross-shaped signs may appear on the road surface, mainly at the intersection of hidden corners of residential areas, these signs signal places prone to accidents such as crashes, where children children play.

停車: Stop the car

デ ィ ス ク ・ ホ イ ー ル: Rims

適 性 検 査 (臨時 ~): Compliance check)

手 信号: Traffic conductors’ orders

デ フ ロ ス タ ー: Ice thawing system, defrosting system

デ リ ニ エ ー タ: Delineator

Reflective objects on the roadside

転 回 (~ 禁止): Turn around

点数 制度: Score system

This is a system that shows the specified score of each traffic violation or traffic accident of the driver, if the total score reaches a certain standard, the license will be suspended or revoked. , cancel or reject.

道路: Road

道路 外 致死 傷:

The control of a vehicle causing injury to a person is not only limited to “on the road”, but can also occur “on the road” such as factory premises, parking lots, wharves, …

登録 ・ 届 出 (自動 車 の ~): Vehicle registration

道路 交通 法: Law on road traffic

特定 違反 行為: Serious and dangerous violation

特定 後 写 鏡 (ワ イ ド ミ ラ ー): Wide-format rearview mirror specifically for the hearing impaired

特定 中型: A typical mid-size vehicle

Midsize vehicle with total vehicle weight of 8,000 kg or more, maximum payload of 5,000 kg and carrying 11 people or more.

特定 の 場合: A special case

登 坂 車 線: The road is for slow vehicles, carrying heavy objects

取消 処分 者 講習: A cancellation course for those who have a driver’s license

Is a compulsory course for people whose driving license is canceled,…. Certificate of completion of the course is valid for one year

ト ロ リ ー バ ス: Electric wheel bus

ト ン ネ ル: Underground tunnel

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