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Telephone and Internet in Japan

Calling in Japan is basically the same as in other countries.

In Japan, when you want to make a domestic call with a landline, you just need to pick up the receiver and press the phone number of the person you want to call.

Telecom companies in Japan such as KDDI and NTT offer landline services, prepaid mobile phones, and can make international calls, but depending on the company, there is a different usage. together.

There are several ways to make a phone call:

Public telephone, landline phone 001-010 + Country code + Phone number 0033-010 + Country code + Phone number
Prepaid mobile phones 010 + Country code + Area code + Phone number 0033-010 + Country code + Phone number

There are many ways to make a phone call: Cell phones, public phones, prepaid mobile phones.

When traveling to Japan, tourists want to use a cell phone as it is quite popular with them. If you have signed a contract with a telephone company outside of Japan, you can use that number to make calls in Japan using international roaming.

But the calling plan and cost are quite high compared to those used in your home country. You can now solve this problem by using the SIM card rental service for domestic use in Japan provided by Softbank at the airport.

As long as your mobile phone is Free SIM type and supports 3G WCDMA 2100MHz, you can make phone calls using this service.

In addition, there are also public phones and prepaid mobile phones, which are also a good form of calling. With public phones, you can call by adding 10 yen or 100 yen to the dong, of course the call time will correspond to the amount, 10 yen you can call about 57.5 seconds.

But as the number of public telephones is decreasing, perhaps it is difficult to find a public telephone station in Japan at present.

For prepaid mobile phones, you need to buy a suitable mobile phone and sign a contract with the mobile phone store, buy a prepaid card at a mobile phone store or convenience store, register a number are listed on the card so they can be used.

However, in Japan, there are also cases where a prepaid cell phone cannot be purchased under certain legal regulations.

Find Wi-Fi in Japan

The places you can use public Wifi in Japan are mainly food stores, transport agencies, hotels …

But when using Wi-Fi at a restaurant or a transport agency, you need to install a dedicated application or register in advance, or pay a fee so it’s a bit of a hassle.

There are also many hotspots provided by mobile networks or Wi-Fi providers, but all require a contract with a carrier.

The popularization of public Wi-Fi hotspots in Japan is quite late, but if you stay at hotels you can use the free WiFi provided by the hotel.

Places with free Wi-Fi:


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