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Railways in Japan are grappling with falling headphones

Rail companies in Japan are urging customers to avoid leaving their wireless headphones on the rails because it is difficult to get small audio equipment.

There were about 950 cases of earphones dropped at 78 stations in the Tokyo area between July and September, accounting for a quarter of all crashes, according to East Japan Railway Company, which is known to have been reported. came under the name JR East.

Wireless headphones often slip off when people get on and off the train or while waiting for the train on the platform.

According to JR East, officials often use the grabbing tool to collect objects falling off the rails. However, it is difficult for the tool to pick up a dropped headset as the device is often stuck between gravel.

Officials sometimes have to search after the last trains of the day. “It is a burden” to collect the dropped headphones, a JR East official said.

West Japan Railway Company, Keio Corp., Tokyu Corp. And other railway operators in the country are also facing similar cases, urging passengers to use wireless headsets more carefully.

JR East started a project with Panasonic Corp. to develop a vacuum cleaner-type device that helps pick up the dropped headphones.

Tests underway at JR East’s Ikebukuro Station show the device can pick up headphones much faster than a pick-up tool.

Despite the efforts, Masakatsu Iijima, a senior official at JR East’s Tokyo branch office, urged customers to ask railway staff to pick up the dropped items instead of picking them up by themselves.


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