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Public holidays in Japan

In Japan every year there are 15 holidays (at the time of 2014) called “National holiday” is specified in the constitution.

In the past, there was a public holiday to hold festivals but after the war these days were abolished, so there were no more statutory festivals.

If the holiday coincides on a Sunday, it will be compensated on the second day of the following week. In addition, depending on the year, there will be cases where a normal day is alternated between two holidays. Then, that normal day will be regarded as a national holiday.

Furthermore, from 2016 onwards, August 11th will be “Mountain Day”, and is considered a holiday of the year.

First day of the year 1/1
Day of the People Monday of the 2nd week of January
Independence Day 11/2
Spring equinox March 19 ~ March 22 (※ 1 day during this period)
Chieu Hoa Day April 29
Constitutional Day 3/5
Green Tree Day 4/5
Children’s Day 5/5
Day of the Sea 3rd Monday of July
Day of the Mountain August 11 (※ From 2016)
Dear Old Day 3rd Monday of September
Autumn equinox September 22 ~ September 24 ((※ 1 day during this period)
Sports Day 2nd Monday of October
Culture Day 3/11
Labor Day 11/13
Birthday Thien Hoang 23/12


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