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JLCAT Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Similar to the Toefl and IELTS exams in English, JLCAT is a comprehensive Japanese language proficiency test for foreigners based on 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, conducted by the Association for Education and Exchange. Asia organized.

JLCAT will assess a person’s Japanese language proficiency through 4 basic skills in learning a foreign language, so when preparing for the JLCAT, you will be trained in all your Japanese skills. in study and work. JLCAT certificate is also used as a proof of Japanese language proficiency when applying for jobs or studying abroad at Japanese language schools, universities, and professional schools. In addition, the Japanese Immigration Bureau has also allowed the use of JLCAT certificates when considering granting the status of residence in Japan.

JLCAT is a computerized test system that helps to objectively evaluate the Japanese communication ability of a foreigner by testing input-input skills by listening and reading comprehension test; output- output skills through speaking and writing tests. The listening and reading test uses a computer program that applies IRT model – selects correct answers among many answers, helps to assess a candidate’s cognitive ability and grasp knowledge relatively. For a written and spoken test, test takers will use the keyboard and mic to record their answers. The scoring of the oral and written test will be done by a team of professional judges who have passed many training courses, training in the form of oral and oral exams, ensuring accurate assessment of the competitor’s expressive capacity. Finally, a candidate’s language proficiency level will be assessed against the CEFR reference framework with 6 levels from A1 to C2.

Those who learn Japanese with a non-native Japanese language can take the exam regardless of nationality, education level and age. Candidates will register for an ID account on the homepage and then select the exam date and exam time in the my page section. JLCAT allows candidates to compete at home using biometric identification technology and remote monitoring system. The time for taking the listening test is 60 minutes, reading comprehension 60 minutes, oral questions 20 minutes, writing 50 minutes; The break time between listening, reading, writing, and speaking is 20 minutes. So the total time for the JLCAT exam is 210 minutes. The exam fee is 2 man (until the end of December 2020 the exam fee is 15000 yen). Candidates can pay on the website by credit card, debit card or wechat pay on the day of the competition.

Candidates taking the JLCAT exam will be given a certificate of results of the Japanese communication proficiency test. Exam results are announced on the homepage after 1 month. In addition, the organizers will also send email notifications to the contestants. Candidates, after downloading the leaderboard, printed out, can be used as a certificate of proficiency in Japanese when applying for a job, studying further and applying for residence status, …

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